The artist Tetiana Kartasheva and art manager Irina Yuferova at the opening of "Initiation" at Scherbenko Art Center

“Initiation” is the name of the project by the young artist Tetiana Kartasheva, exhibited in Scherbenko Art Center from September 8th to September 24th.

This project was caused by the artist’s interest in contemporary rituals based on tradition as a set of almost forgotten values and beliefs which remain an unconscious part of everyday life. This topic was personalized by the artist perceiving her first solo exhibition as a kind of landmark.

“Today art has become a zone of extreme freedom where almost everything is possible. During the last 100 years, artists have gotten rid of every coercive framework and delimitation. They are not obliged to learn to paint, they do not need to imitate reality or obey customers’ tastes. They have successfully overcome the limits of paintings and gone into the open reality. There is the only irreducible convention left: in order to get into this territory of freedom, where any rules can be broken, an artist has to pass a kind of initiation ceremony. Just as thousands of years ago, it is impossible for an ordinary person to become an artist without publicly presenting his or her works”, says Olga Balashova, the co-curator of the exhibition. (2016)
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