Sooner or later, all of us find ourselves in doubts about the next personal project, or overwhelmed with the amount of commissions, or just in low energy state when nothing seems to work well. Here are some books which lifted up my mood in times of crisis and became a great source of inspiration to organize my professional life and balance my creative workflow.
The War of Art - Steven Pressfield
Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert
Getting Things Done - David Allen
Catching the big Fish - David Linch
Purple Cow - Seth Godin
The School of Life - Allain de Botton
Overwhelmed - Brigid Schulte
Design as art -Bruno Munari 
Thinking Fast Thinking Slow -Daniel Kehelman
The Power of Habit Book-  Charles Duhigg

Are there books you'd like to share your impressions with others? Just let me know, and I will add the comment to this blogpost! Looking forward to hearing from you.