My art practice looks into the experience that occurs as a result of the artistic interaction between the body and material. I examine “expressive objects” a manifestation of this process that embodies a sense of emotion and engagement beyond their physical form. Seeking a subjective balance I am particularly drawn to textures, shapes, layers, folds, and complex combinations of these elements. I often use traditional techniques and mediums, applying them
to a contemporary context. I work with locally sourced materials, usually repurposed or recycled, characterized by tactile surfaces, plasticity, and impermanence - paper, textile, wood, and clay. I aim to facilitate a dialogue between the physical and emotional realms, to create a safe space for contemplation and reflection.

Tetiana Kartasheva is working and residing in Zurich, Switzerland. She received MA in Fine Arts at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2012, in Ukraine, and continued her studies at Zurich University of the Arts, CAS in  Curating, in 2021.  

2023 - Women in Global Context  Photobastei — Zurich, CH
2023 - Ukraine. Culture of care — Kulturhaus Helferei — Zurich, CH
2022 - TerraOmnium — Material — Zurich, CH
2022 - There is no other place like home — Zurich, CH
2021 - Reform - Rue de Gibraltar 3 — Neuchatel, CH
2017 - Pavlo Makov and students — IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives — Kyiv, UA
2015 - GogolFest / Annual Multidisciplinary International Festival of Contemporary Art and Cinema — Expocenter of Ukraine — Kyiv, UA
2014 - GogolFest / Annual Multidisciplinary International Festival of Contemporary Art and Cinema — Dovzhenko National Film Studio — Kyiv, UA


2016 - “Initiation” — Shcherbenko Art Centre — Kyiv, UA


2022 - Exhibition “Fragile Architecture” — VN Residency — Zurich, CH
2021 - Foundation of an artist-to-artist studio visit project —
2021 - Exhibition “Are we all here? Exploring Embodied Virtuality Today” — OnCurating - Zurich, CH
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